Service & Parts

  • Unique modular truck bodies make design and delivery fast and simple
  • Everything is stored or manufactured on-site so repair and replacement is quick, easy and economical
  • 55 years of experience doing only what we do best puts a lot of technical knowledge at your disposal
  • We partner with the #1 brands in the world and have the full support of their unparalleled service networks – you’re covered wherever you go

Coast to Coast Second To None

Grainmaster has been designing products for the transportation industry for decades. During that time, we’ve made choices that make our customers’ lives easier.

Our unique modular body design can be designed in the best way to suit your particular needs. As everything is manufactured or stored in our state-of-the-art facility, it also makes repair and replacement of both individual parts and sub-assemblies quick, easy and economical.

We’ve also gained a lot of experience in nearly 55 years. So our customers benefit from the latest industry developments and in-depth technical help plus has a coast-to-coast service network in Canada and the northern US that is second to none.

HIAB truck-mounted cranes the most popular crane here in Canada and #1 in the world. They are engineered to work harder and last longer – and they do. HIAB crane owners have come to expect exceptional long-term dependability and value. They are confident in investing in the world’s best-built truck-mounted cranes, in a large part, because they are also confident that they’re supported by a coast-to-coast service network that is unmatched by anyone, anywhere.

Moffett Forklifts are designed to last a lifetime. It’s why there are over 55,000 of them at work all over the world, every day. But even the best equipment has to be supported, and you need someone you can rely on. The entire Moffett range is covered by an extensive service network across the country – built on an unparalleled reputation.